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Too Many Words

Collected writings of a Green Eyed Fan.

Fic master post
Assorted Supernatural fanfics, all gen.

List of FicCollapse )

New app
I'm going to develop a really good app for writing on a phone. Then I'll call it:

Mobile Stationary.

Word of the Day
Your new word of the day is "retrobate," a person who engages in old-fashioned antisocial behavior, such as robbing stagecoaches, or being a Grateful Dead roadie.

A Better Day
As New Years draws near, so does the birth of my first child. The wild dancing of earlier months has been replaced with the squirms and short kicks of a baby who has no more room to move. The world that waits for him is the world of 2014. What does it look like?

To my eyes, it looks better than any day the human race has ever seen.

Since 1980, the year of my own birth, infant and young child mortality have fallen by over 50%, both worldwide and in the United States. (In India and China, it's dropped 75%. It's even dropped substantially across most of Africa, despite the terrible toll of AIDS.) A child born in the USA today who is in reasonable health at the end of his first day has a 99% chance of living to the age of 25, and a 97% chance of living to 45.

Part of the reason is good medical care, but part of it also is a change in behavior. The US teen pregnancy rate and the murder rate have both dropped by half since 1980. (Both were at historic highs in 1980, the murder rate has returned to that of the 1950s while the teen pregnancy rate has dropped to a genuine record low.) Despite the moaning of their elders, young people today are more likely to graduate high school and less likely to use drugs.

Northern and Western Europe has been at peace for almost 70 years, a record unmatched through all of human history. At Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie, the symbolic border of the Cold War, where East and West played at brinkmanship for forty years, the wall is gone, and a dozen tawdry shops sell absurd souvenirs. It's a victory--a victory of simple ordinary human beings over the chance of annihilation.

I remember when the Berlin Wall fell, I remember the world before. To my child, it'll be no more real than the invasion of Normandy was to me. In Manhattan, the first Freedom Tower is essentially finished, the second is going up fast. My child will never see the hole in the skyline.

There is so much work left to do. There is still so much pain and injustice, so many ways our glorious accomplishments could be shattered, but clearly we've done something right.

And in the great iron fortresses of the Baltic, baby ducks nest between the wildflowers.

What the Dragon Dreamt
Merlin Paperlegends
Some things were always meant to be. Others required careful planning.

The Great Dragon Kilgharrah lay alone in his prison for twenty years. In that time, he slept and saw many possible futures, some dreadful, some joyful, but all centered around the last dragonlord's heir. Multiple AUs, and the story of what might have been.

Rating: R
Word Count: 30K
Warnings: War, combat injuries, angst. Also, hypothetical major character death in some of the several AUs. No sex scenes, sorry. Spoilers for all seasons, major spoilers for 1-4.

Story on AO3
Art link: Art Post
Disclaimer: Do not own the characters or story. Brief sections of dialogue taken directly from various episodes.

Whew! Finally finished my Epic Merlic Fic of Doom! Since I wanted to do a single-page, I made an account on AO3 and posted it there. It'd be at least 4 parts here, so I'm just going to leave it up there and use this as an organizational link.

Beautiful colored-pencil art is embedded in the fic or available at the art post, be aware that it contains major spoilers for the fic.
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H/C Big Bang Signal Boost
Say Hello to the Multi-Fandom H/C Big Bang!!!! I will be co-modding it.

Rules & FAQsAuthorsArtistsBeta's

Author sign-ups are open until August 30th. Go forth and write!

Off topic: Developmental education
Posted just a few minutes ago, on my favorite work-related blog: Developmental Education

This is the most eloquent thing I've read in days. I'm a community college math teacher (hence the pi user icon) and if this doesn't explain EXACTLY what we try to do there, I don't know what does.

Yes, we have low graduation rates. But you know, some days it seems like none of my students should succeed. They're disabled veterans, they live in halfway houses, dropped out of high school years ago, are raising children alone, they have no family support for their education, they are terrified of math and have had terrible experiences with it in the past. When we manage to help half of them get through? Sometimes that's a victory. Of course we want to do better than half, of course we should keep trying, but the fact is, some people really are succeeding despite all odds.

Beggar's Chicken (Merlin Fic)
Merlin and Arthur are on the run in the forest. To get back to Camelot alive, they'll need Merlin's special skills. No, not those skills…

Rated G, 1200 words, features wilderness survival and cooking, should not be taken too seriously.

Beggar's ChickenCollapse )
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Public service announcement
All you fans of Sam H/C AND Dean H/C? Especially assorted meme ladies? You need to watch last night's episode. I do not care if you think S8 sucks, get over there and watch it, it's streaming free on the CW website.

(OK, it wasn't THAT amazing, but I still can't believe it actually happened.)

End Announcement.

Of Magic and Blankets (Merlin fic!)
Merlin side
3,800 words, no pairings, rated PG. Set between seasons 3 and 4.

In which Merlin is sick (but also a BAMF), Arthur is cranky, Gaius is frazzled, and there may or may not be evil sorcerers running around the citadel.

The evening shadows lengthened as Gaius stirred a pot and tried to keep his eyes open.Collapse )

So, new fandom?
Merlin Blanket
Recently, I have discovered Merlin. And I have ALL THE SQUEE now. Yes, it really does require capslock. Because, skinny dark-haired boy! (Skinny dark-haired boy who sometimes wanders around wearing a blanket, or gets carried by friends, or passes out in front of people...) Really, what else could a girl need?

Best of all, I'm writing again, first time in months. Just because I want to, because fic is demanding to be written. That hasn't happened for the longest time.

Just in case you wanted proof that my brain is messed up? "Hero!Merlin is like a vaccine. He saves you, and you totally had no idea you were ever in danger, so he never gets the credit."

Today's xkcd is so appropriate:

Ah, that brings back so many memories of trying to post artistically, and mostly just driving myself crazy.

Bid on me! (And pretty picture)
So, I've put an offer up at Fandom Aid for the Superstorm Sandy benefit, and, yeah, this one is personal. At least one person I grew up with is homeless, and half of my friends and neighbors are trying not to freeze in the dark right now.

Direct link to my auction post where I offer to write basically anything for SPN, Stargate Atlantis, or Grimm.

And, for decoration, have my favorite photo of the week. This is a view of Lower Manhattan, Tuesday morning just after the storm passed. Yup, that's a true double rainbow, with the upper arc overlying the half-built Freedom Tower.
(Photo Credit to Tenured Radical, Chronicle of Higher Education)

Living in the Post-Apocalypse
Today, the main excitement was the gas station on the corner getting a fuel delivery. Seriously.Collapse )

Meme Signal Boost
Over at sexualoddity's journal, we are having a nice little Sneezy Boys meme for supernatural fic. Come in and play!

Prompting post

A Sammy's Work
So, funny story. My newest friend senberet complimented one of my stories today, which is always nice, except I didn't remember writing it! So I read it through, and I STILL don't remember writing it. But the computer insists someone using my account posted this story to tarotgal's commentfic meme only six months ago, and it looks like something I might have written.

So either I've got one very weird hacker situation, or I wrote this nice little thing about a sick, allergic Sam and then totally forgot it even existed. Either way, enjoy!

Sam had been fighting a cold for two days, sniffling and coughingCollapse )
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Dead Men Leave No Prints
Pre-series crossover with CSI. Written for dear_tiger in the 2012 Summergen fic exchange!

READ IT!Collapse )
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Dear Summergen Writer
Fic exchanges are fun, but they can also be quite stressful. Don't worry! I just love seeing the boys suffer, really.

Things that utterly delight me:

Interesting original characters, or minor canon characters given more depth.

Accurate medical details. Any accurate details, even little stuff what a sinus headache feels like. (Yes, I'm a little twisted that way.)

Casefics, especially with plot twists.

Stories that play to the author's strengths! (Write what you can.)

Things that annoy me:

Stories which were not proofread at all. Actually, that's about the only thing that's a dealbreaker for me.

Seven At One Blow
Bunch of commentfics I forgot to crosspost. Then I backdated them to avoid flist flooding. All are part of sammymeme's massive sick/sneezy Sam commentfic program.

Prompt: Dean says Sam's fever is so high they could fry an egg on his forehead. Slightly delirious Sam tests this theory.

Prompt: Sam is sick and feverish and shivery and cold. However, he thinks that Dean is cold so he tries to give him his scarf or wrap him up in blankets, until Dean is just like, maybe you should cuddle with me in bed to keep me warm.
Operation Warm

Prompt: Please I want allergic Sam mowing a lawn.
The Wrong Job

Prompt: Sam is sick (flu, pneumonia, whatever). He hasn't felt well enough to eat over the past few days, but now all he wants in the world is a milkshake. Only problem? It's Christmas. Milkshake-selling places are closed. Dean is creative and/or goes to great lengths to be an awesome big brother.
Men's Kitchen

Prompt: Sam is sick. Dean runs him a bath. Maybe they could be squatting at a place like they did in 1.08 and it has a giant tub so that they can both fit:P
Chez Realtor

Prompt: Sam is coughing a lot for a really long time.
In the Dark

Fake fills: Just crack, don't ask. Crack!

And three that were actually posted earlier:

Prompt: (Paraphrased) Dean and wheezy Sam celebrate Chinese New Year in a traditional way.
The Bronze Age

Prompt: Sam develops asthma in his mid-twenties. Why can't I breathe, Dean?
The Air Up There

Prompt: They misread the directions on the Benadryl and Sam took waaay too much. It's not dangerous, really, he's just VERY SLEEPY OF COURSE.
It Starts With T
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New Fandom!
Okay, right now, you should go to Hulu and watch Grimm 1.8 . Why? Well, the main character does spend half the episode, including a solid 10 minutes of screen time, half-naked and beat up in a hospital bed.

Yeah, he is good looking. Yeah, I have watched it three times in the last two days. Yeah, I think I have a new fandom. You got a problem with that?